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Forestry & Timber Supply.

Harvesting Nature's Bounty with Care.

Dimes Limited's Sustainable Forestry Solutions and climate-smart approach to quality timber sales & supply.

We make it Happen

Dimes Limited

At Dimes Limited, we are the Ugandan experts in sustainable forestry, timber production, and trading. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility, we deliver exceptional timber solutions for a greener future.


Planting & Management of Forests

Forests are vital for humans, animals, and climate. Our mission is promote forest planting and management to recognize their environmental significance.

Timber Processing

Logging & Milling

Specializing in logging and milling timber: cutting and skidding trees, We do on-site processing into lumber, plywood, and veneer.

Timber Supply

Highest Quality Timber

Committed to quality timber for clients. We collaborate with forest owners, dealers, and construction firms to offer lumber, plywood, veneer, and specialty products.

Our Vision

To establish a world class logging and Timber Company with the best practices to be the preferred partner that will work with clients all across Uganda, the region and the globe via supply or export of processed logs and forestry products.

Our Mission

Our unwavering mission is to firmly establish ourselves as the preeminent and unrivaled brand within the realm of logging and timber. We aspire to transcend boundaries and set new benchmarks of excellence in this industry.

Green Harvest

Cultivating Sustainable Forests for Profit and Planet

Dimes Limited helps individuals, companies, and communities establish and maintain healthy forests through expert advice, resources, and sustainable practices. They promote profitable forest ventures while contributing to the environment and future generations.
From Forest to Finest

Revolutionizing Timber Logging and Milling

Dimes Limited specializes in efficient and eco-friendly logging and on-site milling of timber. They follow best practices, minimize environmental impact, and offer high-quality timber products to forest owners, timber dealers, and construction companies.

Timber Treasures

Sustainable Sourcing and Distribution for a Better Future

Dimes Limited provides sustainable and diverse timber products sourced from well-managed forests. Their partnerships with sawmill companies and timber dealers ensure competitive prices and efficient distribution, meeting the specific needs of clients while promoting a better future.

Growing Green & Harvesting Quality.
Dimes Limited, Your Sustainable Timber Solution

We are industry experts in agro-forestry, timber production, and timber supply. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to promote sustainable practices, provide top-notch products, and make a positive impact on the environment and communities.